Phone number and SMS

  • Can I make and receive regular phone calls using Keepgo?

    Yes. If you want to use GoFi/Lifetime data plan and make regular phone calls, then you can use Keepgo in combination with TextNow. It allows you to make unlimited free regular phone calls and texts in the USA and Canada, and offers cheap global calls. For more details check our Blog
  • Can I send/get SMS using Keepgo?

    Yes. Apps like TextNow also offer free texting, so they can be used for receiving or sending SMS. Meanwhile it might be used not only with your phone, but also tablet and desktop. To get more information go to our Blog.
  • Can I get permanent phone number using Keepgo?

    Yes. TextNow or its alternative apps give you permanent phone number, which can be used for regular calls and texting. Furthermore it can be used for low-cost international calls and texting. How to use Keepgo in combination with TextNow go to our Blog.
  • Can I port my phone number into TextNow?

    Yes. TextNow allows you to use your local phone number, so that you get cheaper cell phone plan without losing your number. To port your number into TextNow you need to provide account number* and PIN (if you have one) from your previous carrier, along with the correct billing address for the num...
  • How can I use GoFi/Lifetime for WhatsApp’s registration/verification?

    After you get a phone number from apps like TextNow you can use it for WhatsApp’s registration/verification.To find out how to get free phone number using Keepgo data SIM card go here.
  • Why do I need apps like TextNow?

    Keepgo data plans in combination with TextNow or its alternative apps give you great phone and data service for very expedient price. Pay only for data you use and have cell phone plan for cheap! For more details check our Blog.
  • How do I know if TextNow works in my country?

    TextNow can be used not only in USA and Canada, but also in other countries like Australia or Netherlands. To check if TextNow is available in your country go to Google Play or AppStore.