Can I use Keepgo SIM/eSIM with a locked phone? How can I find out if my phone is carrier locked or not?

Keepgo SIM or eSIM cannot be used with a locked phone. Please consider purchasing Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot if your phone is carrier locked.

If you are unsure if your phone is carrier locked or not, you may easily check this by following the steps below.

How to Check Locked/Unlocked Status on IOS

  • Open Settings;
  • Scroll down and tap on General;
  • Then select About;
  • If you see the No SIM Restrictions message next to Carrier Lock, then your iPhone is unlocked.

How to Check Locked/Unlocked Status on Android

  • Access Settings;
  • Tap on Connections, Network & Internet (may vary depending on your phone’s model);
  • Select Mobile network (or Cellular network);
  • Tap on Advanced (if needed) and select Choose Network, Automatically select network, or another variant to open the list of carriers;
  • If several carriers appear, the chances are that your phone is unlocked.

You may also test the SIM from another provider if you have one, and if can successfully browse the internet, your phone is definitely unlocked.

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