Activation and Usage

  • How can I test the products before my departure?

    You can test your product before going abroad by browsing to Make sure you browse from the device with the Keepgo SIM card inside or you are connected by WiFi to the Keepgo hotspot. If you are using the Keepgo SIM card in your own device do the following: Make sure data roam...
  • What data speeds will I get with Keepgo?

    You will be able to enjoy 4G LTE speeds on Keepgo supported networks around the world. Please check the list of countries where 4G LTE is provided.
  • How do I activate my SIM card?

    To activate your SIM card, go to and find the "Activate a new line" menu item. Enter your line ID (last 8 numbers printed on the SIM card) and click "Activate"
  • Where can I find my SIM card serial number (ICCID)?

    You will be able to locate the serial number of your SIM on: The back of your SIM. Your mobile device: For Apple devices: go to Settings > General > About; On your Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot.
  • What is my phone number?

    If you have already registered at My Account and activated your SIM you can see your phone number there. Please mention that this number can only be used for incoming command messages. You will not be able to receive regular phone calls or use it for VoIP* platform’s registration/verification. *W...
  • What does Keepgo SIM 3-in-1 Kit include?

    Your package will include: Auto-activating nano SIM card Credit card-sized multi SIM card holder that fits in any wallet Micro and Standard SIM adapters to fit in any phone SIM Ejector tool User Guide
  • Can I receive my money back if I am not satisfied with the service?

    Yes! No questions asked! If you are not happy with your SIM or Mobile Hotspot, you may return it within 30 days and get refund on unused data and/or hardware. For more information, please refer to our refund policy
  • Can I get a Micro or a Nano SIM card?

    Yes. You will receive a Nano SIM card with the adapter set for Micro and Standard SIM sizes.
  • Can I use Keepgo SIM card with my Verizon iPhone?

    Yes, you can, but your phone has to be unlocked.
  • Can I use the SIM card with a locked phone?

    No, the SIM cannot be used with a locked phone. Please consider purchasing Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot in case if your phone is carrier locked.
  • What kind of devices can I connect to my Keepgo WiFi hotspot?

    You can connect any WiFi - enabled device to your Keepgo WiFi hotspot.
  • How many devices can I connect to my Keepgo WiFi hotspot?

    Depending on which hotspot you have you can connect anywhere to 15 devices.
  • How do I configure my Keepgo WiFi hotspot?

    You do not need to configure your Keepgo WiFi hotspot as It comes pre-configured with Keepgo APN settings. Just turn it on, and you are connected!
  • How do I edit the APN settings on my Keepgo SIM?

    Please follow the steps below to edit the APN settings on your mobile device: For Android devices: Enter Settings - Mobile Networks - Access Point Name – New APN In the input fields: Name: Keepgo APN: Username: leave blank Password: leave blank Save the changes Make “Kee...
  • Can I use the hotspot (tethering) option on my mobile device with Keepgo SIM card?

    Tethering works in most countries with most mobile device models. Because it depends on the local provider and the specific device model we cannot guarantee it will work everywhere. On the other hand our mobile wifi hotspot does work everywhere. If you are planning to travel with several WiFi-ena...
  • How do I know if my data credit is about to run out?

    You will be notified via text message and email when data usage on your SIM exceeds 75% of your credit. You will receive another text message/email, when the data usage reaches the 90%.
  • Will I be able to make calls using Keepgo Data SIM ?

    With Keepgo Data SIM, you will be able to make calls using popular VoIP platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber or FaceTime. You will not be able to make regular phone calls. Please note that with certain platforms prior registration and verification might be necessary with your...
  • How do I charge my WiFi Hotspot?

    You may charge your WiFi hotspot by connecting it to a power outlet using the USB cable included in the package. A fully charged battery will last for about 7 hours active usage time or 13 hours standby time with WiFi on