How do I activate my Keepgo SIM/Hotspot?

If you have a Keepgo SIM/Hotspot, please go to > log in and find “Activate a SIM card or a Hotspot” option at the left sidebar, then click on "I have a regular SIM card or Hotspot and want to activate it."

Provide the Line ID (the last 8 digits of the number printed on your SIM/the last 8 digits of the number printed on the back side of your hotspot ) and click on Add. Done! You'll find the Line at the Lines menu.

Finally please insert the SIM card into your device and turn the line and Data Roaming ON, set it as Primary Data plan. If you have a hotspot, please turn the device ON and connect it with your phone to start using the internet.


If there is any error happened, please contact us via chat pop-up on the website or at and provide with full 19 numbers on the cards.

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