How Bill Protection is calculated for my GoFi Prepaid Data lines?

Bill Protection is activated automatically for your lines. The amounts depend on the number of GoFi Prepaid Data lines in your account.

The Bill protection cost for 1 GoFi line is set at $64 (€52.62) for (8GB). If you have more than 1 line then the Bill Protection is calculated according to this formula: $64 (€52.62) multiplied by the number of your lines. Check the example in the table below.

1 GoFi Prepaid Plan Line 2 GoFi Prepaid Plan Lines 3 GoFi Prepaid Plan Lines
$64 (€52.62) $64 x 2 = $128 (€108,63) $64 x 3 = $192 (€162,95)

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