GoFi Prepaid Plan

  • How I can start using lines on GoFi Prepaid Plan?

    You have to activate the line(s) before usage. No usage is possible without activation. Please, browse to keepgo.com/activate.
  • Is the GoFi Plan Prepaid?

    This is an $8(€7.50) monthly plan that gives you 1GB of data. When the balance falls below 100MB, 1GB of data is automatically added to your line for the same price.
  • How do I activate a line on GoFi Prepaid Plan?

    To activate your GoFi Europe USA SIM card or Hotspot, go to keepgo.com/activate and find the "Add a new line" menu item. Enter your line ID (last 8 numbers printed on the rear side of your SIM card/Keepgo hotspot) and click "Add". The Line is added to your GoFi Europe USA plan.
  • How much data can I use every month?

    You can use as much data as you want. 1GB of data is added to your balance at the start of the month. Every time your balance falls below 100MB we add 1GB of data to your line automatically.
  • What if I use more than 1GB of data per month?

    If you use more than 1GB of data per 1 month, you will be automatically charged $8(€7.50) and 1GB of data will be added to your GoFi Europe USA line when your data falls below 100MB. This is done to ensure that your service is uninterrupted.
  • What’s the billing period for my line(s)?

    The billing period is one calendar month starting on the 1st of the month and going until the last day of the same month. On the 1st day of every month, you are charged $8(€7.50) and 1GB is added to your line. The payment method is charged according to the currency specified in your Personal Acco...
  • What is Bill Protection?

    Bill Protection protects you from excessive charges by setting a limit on how much is charged to your account per month. We will not charge you more in a month than your Bill Protection amount. When you reach 100% of the Bill Protection amount, we will not charge your payment method anymore this ...
  • How Bill Protection is calculated for my GoFi Prepaid lines?

    Bill protection is activated automatically for your account. The amounts depend on the number of GoFi Europe USA lines in your account. The Bill protection cost for 1 GoFi Europe USA line is set at $120 (€108.2) for (15GB). If you have more than 1 line then the bill protection is calculated acco...
  • Can I test my lines before going abroad?

    Yes, we recommend testing your line before going abroad by browsing to www.keepgo.com/test. Make sure you browse from the device with the Keepgo SIM card inside or you are connected by WiFi to the Keepgo hotspot. If you are using the Keepgo SIM card in your own device do the following: Make sure...
  • How do I refill data on my GoFi Prepaid Plan lines?

    Data is automatically refilled whenever your data balance falls below 100 MB. There’s no need to top-up on your own every time you run out of data.
  • Does each of my lines have its own data balance?

    Yes, each line from your GoFi Europe USA plan has its own balance - 1GB of data for $8 (€7.50) is added at the beginning of each month and then every time 1GB is added when you run out of data. Unless Bill Protection kicks in.
  • Can I set Bill Protection amount manually?

    No. Bill Protection is automatically calculated based on the number of active GoFi Europe USA lines. It cannot be increased or reduced. Bill protection is calculated according to this formula $96(€86.56) + number of lines multiplied by $24(€21.64). So, the Bill Protection cost for 1 GoFi Europe U...
  • Can I transfer unused data to the next month?

    No. On the 1st day of every month, you are given 1GB of data that is valid till the end of the month. When there is less than 100MB of data remaining, the balance of your line is refilled with 1GB of data automatically. This data is also valid until the end of the same month. With the start of th...
  • Can I pause GoFi prepaid line?

    Yes. To pause your GoFi line simply switch to Lifetime plan*. You will suspend the monthly charge and will be able to return to GoFi plan at a later time. Please keep in mind, that if you switch plan, you will lose the remaining data on your balance. *If you switch to Lifetime plan your GoFi Eur...
  • How to cancel GoFi line?

    You can always cancel the monthly subscription in your Keepgo personal account at https://myaccount.keepgo.com/ Navigate to User profile > Go to My Plans menu> GoFi plan> Cancel Line.
  • I reached Bill Protection and my Line was deactivated. How can I continue using the Line?

    There could be a case when you reached your Bill Protection (if set), but you need to continue using your GoFi Line(s). In this situation you only need to turn the Bill protection OFF and Line(s) will be reactivated again. To do it go to My plans menu> GoFi plan> Manage Plan > Bill Pro...
  • What is the GoFi Prepaid Plan?

    GoFi is an $8/month plan which gives 1GB of data. Every additional 1GB of data is another $8. For example, if you use only 2GB - you pay $16. Benefits of GoFi Plan: Affordable flat data price - $8/month per GB Coverage even in remote locations, because the plan works on several nationwide netwo...