How can I refill my eSIM?

  • To add balance to your eSIM, log in at
  • Next, click on the Lines icon. It will show the list of eSIM bundles available in your account.
  • Choose the eSIM you want to refill with a click on the «Refill» button. Select the amount of data you want to add to your line’s balance and the preferred payment method. You can choose from PayPal,, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency. Please note that each cryptocurrency has a minimum payment limit.
  • Click «Add Data» to refill your line.

Ensure you’ve added your payment method to your account's «Billing & Payments» menu. Otherwise, we won’t be able to charge your card to refill your line. You can also add a backup credit card to your account to ensure uninterrupted service even if the default payment method fails.



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