I have a coupon code for bonus data, how may I apply it?

Have a coupon code for bonus data? Apply it in your account on our website* - https://myaccount.keepgo.com/

Find the “Lines” menu** click on “More Details” on the Line’s managing panel and find the “Redeem Free data” button. Enter the coupon code and click on “Apply”. Done, the bonus data is on your balance!

You can also apply the code if you click on Refill. You are able to apply the code in the field under the data packs.

In case you have any questions contact support via chat on our website or by email -  support@keepgo.com

*Bonus coupon codes may be applied only for active Lines

** Each coupon code can be used once per account.

***If you have several Lines under the different plans you’ll see separate Lines menus. Go to the eSIM Lifetime Plan Lines if you have eSIM, or to the Lifetime Plan Lines if you have SIM/Hotspot.

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