Is my connection with Keepgo private? What is a Privacy IP address?

With Keepgo you may be sure of a private internet connection as we provide you with a Privacy IP address.

Privacy IP address prevents other websites from tracking your real location through an IP address. If you use your real IP address other websites can determine your real physical location. They can sell this information to advertising agencies or other bad actors. It can be used to profile you and combine with other personal information to determine your real name, physical address, interests and  other personal data.

You can check what other websites see based on your IP by browsing to this site

Keepgo Privacy IP provides you with IP addresses that can not be used to determine your real location. That is why you see web advertisements in other languages. Because advertisers can not profile you based on your IP address and they just show general ads.

Depending on your data plan, you get a Hong Kong, France, Spain, USA and other Privacy IP addresses. For example, if you use Keepgo eSIM, you can find information about the IP address you get at More Details (Go to your account on our website> eSIM Lifetime Plan Lines menu> find More details button under the Refill button).

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