• What is data roaming?

    Data roaming occurs when you use data connection outside of your carrier's coverage zone. Your mobile network can make substantial charges for roaming outside of your network coverage zone and you may end up with an enormous bill without realizing it.
  • Why do I need Keepgo internet SIM card or Mobile WiFi Hotspot?

    Keepgo Mobile WiFi Hotspot or Data SIM card is a convenient and affordable way to have data connectivity for your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other mobile device. Keepgo internet SIM or Mobile Hotspot is a much more affordable solution to connect to the Web while traveling internationally.
  • Can I just use WiFi in a hotel or a cafe?

    The most obvious way to minimize or eliminate data roaming fees is use only WiFi. Keep in mind that it is not a foolproof method for many of us because our phones or tablets are often needed most while we are on a move, and not while we are sitting in an internet cafe or a hotel lobby (remember t...
  • Is my Keepgo WiFi network secure?

    No matter where your travels take you, your connection to the internet will be private and secure. Password protected encryption means you’ll never have to worry about questionable public WiFi networks and information leaks.
  • What is MyAccount?

    My Account is your personal page at Keepgo, where you can manage your lines, track your data usage, cancel lines when needed, etc.
  • What happens if I lose my Keepgo SIM/Hotspot?

    If you lose your Keepgo SIM/Hotspot you will need to purchase a new SIM/Hotspot. Please contact Customer Support to receive a discount code to purchase your replacement SIM/Hotspot. Your remaining data balance will be transferred to your replacement SIM/hotspot.
  • Does Keepgo require any personal identification documents?

    According to our Privacy policy, when ordering or registering on our site, you may be asked to enter personal information like your name, email address, credit card information. Please note that if our alert system marks your order as fraudulent, we will need to confirm that the order was placed...
  • How to reset to default settings Keepgo hotspot (black model)

    Hold both “Power” and “WPS” keys simultaneously for 4-6 seconds. All LED indicators will flash blue 4 times to indicate that the device has been reset to factory mode.
  • I am in the USA and can’t visit some websites or my location is determined as Spain. What can I do?

    Please note that the origin of the SIM card in your possession is Spain. As a result, some websites can determine your location as Spain and even aren't allowed to be opened. For such cases please use Opera browser with the interior VPN and choose the US IP address. Besides Opera browser you cou...
  • I have a coupon code for bonus data, how may I apply it?

    Have a coupon code for bonus data? Apply it in your account on our website* - Find the “Lines” menu** click on “More Details” on the Line’s managing panel and find the “Redeem Free data” button. Enter the coupon code and click on “Apply”. Done, the bonus data is on ...
  • Is my connection with Keepgo private? What is a Privacy IP address?

    With Keepgo you may be sure of a private internet connection as we provide you with a Privacy IP address. Privacy IP address prevents other websites from tracking your real location through an IP address. If you use your real IP address other websites can determine your real physical location. T...
  • Will the SIM Card work with my mobile device?

    Keepgo Data SIM card works with compatible unlocked GSM phones, tablets, or hotspots, including: iPhone, IPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, LG, etc.