What is the GoFi Prepaid Plan?

GoFi is an $8/GB prepaid data plan which gives you every additional 1GB of data for another $8, and Unlimited Data mode after using 8GB in a month. After the Unlimited Data mode is turned on, you continue using the same high-speed mobile data without any extra payments during the month when you started to use Unlimited data. At the beginning of the next month, your data usage is nulled and you continue using GoFi line for $8/1GB per month.

Benefits of GoFi Plan:

  • Affordable flat data price - $8/month per GB
  • Coverage even in remote locations, because the plan works on several nationwide networks in each country
  • Good for people who most of the time don’t use much cellular data, but sometimes need high data volumes
  • You can use unlimed data once you have used 8GB of data in a month. Your data charge is capped at $64 for the rest of the month
  • Go internationally? Switch to our Lifetime plan for a trip
  • Good for people who do not want to supply passports or id cards to cellular operators and care about their online privacy

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