How to tether on your Android eSIM-enabled device?

Keepgo SIM card allows unlimited tethering, which works in most countries with most mobile device models. To activate eSIM tethering on your eSIM-enabled Android device, take the following quick steps:

  • Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering.
  • Tap on “Wi-Fi hotspot.”
  • Under “Wi-Fi hotspot,” you’ll see an option for “Sharing connection via eSIM.” Toggle this option on.
  • You can now connect your other devices to your Android device’s hotspot to share its internet connection.

If you use either of the eSIM bundles listed below, Please make sure to set the APN settings as

  • Andromeda eSIM
  • Lynx eSIM
  • Solaris eSIM
  • Chamaeleon eSIM

For other bundles, please check the following list

  • Perseus eSIM (mobile)
  • Auriga eSIM (
  • Cassiopeia eSIM (smartone)

Sometimes the personal hotspot option doesn't work properly. In such cases, we recommend you editing the APN type and adding the "wap" (wireless application protocol) and "dun" (dial up network) as screenshot below.


Please note that tethering works in most countries with most mobile device models. However, it may vary on the local provider and the specific device model, we cannot guarantee it will work everywhere.

Jan 11, 2024

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