With Keepgo eSIM I am getting a Private IP address. Is it better than using a VPN?

With Keepgo eSIM, you may be sure of a private internet connection as we provide you with a Private and Residential IP address.

You don’t want other websites to know your physical location or  advertising companies to sell your personal data to other companies or be tracked by them on the Internet? That’s what Private IP address protects you from.

Most modern applications use their own encryption to protect customer’s data, but some outdated apps don’t. Then VPN service is useful, as it does provide additional encryption. We don’t provide additional encryption. VPN also provides you with a Private IP address.

Our service is much faster than VPN, because we don’t use servers in between.

We provide you with residential Private IP addresses , that are not detected as proxy or VPN addresses. It allows you  to use many services that are blocked for you when you use a VPN.

Depending on your eSIM plan, you get a Hong Kong, France, or USA Private IP address. See the information about the IP address you get with your Keepgo eSIM at More Details (Go to your account on our website> eSIM Lifetime Plan Lines menu> find More details button under the Refill button).

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