How can I test the products before my departure?

To verify your Keepgo products are up and running, please ensure you have configured them correctly.

If you have a Keepgo SIM, please make sure you followed the instructions on our website - (if you use the SIM with another device (hotspot/tablet etc.), please contact support and let us know its exact model so we could provide you with proper instructions -;

If you have a Keepgo Hotspot, then just make the hard reset. All the settings are set as default on the Keepgo hotspot, so you can ensure that the required configurations will be working after the hard reset.
To reset the hotspot, turn it ON and hold down the WPS and the Power buttons simultaneously until it restarts. The buttons are located at the top side of the device;

If you have a Keepgo eSIM, please make sure Keepgo eSIM is set as a primary plan for Mobile Data and if Data Roaming is enabled. Check your eSIM bundle’s info panel to find out if the APN settings are required to establish a connection -
To set up your eSIM, please follow the instructions on our website -

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