How do I set up eSIM on Google Pixel 3/Google Pixel 4?

1. In Settings, go to Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Click on "+"





2. You can now scan your QR code or enter the code manually

3. When the device asks for your confirmation, click on Activate


4. The device will automatically install your profile

5. Choose Keepgo eSIM. Your profile is now installed. Click on Done
6. Now, make sure that Mobile data and roaming are activated
7. If you still don't have connectivity, please check your APN (access point name) settings,  probably your APN was not set automatically. You can set the APN manually, please find the APN details in > eSIM lines > More information
8. To access the APN settings on your Google Pixel 3/Google Pixel 4, you should navigate to:

  • Settings > Network & Internet
  • Select Mobile network > Advanced > APN

The eSIM QR code is unique and can be installed only once. If you lost/changed your device, you have to download a new eSIM. However, you can contact us via chat or email and we assist you with any issue.

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