How do I refill my Keepgo balance?

Two ways to add data to your Keepgo balance are Pay-as-you-go and Auto-refill.

With Pay-As-You-Go, you simply add the desired amount of data whenever you run out of it. We will send you an alert via email when your balance falls below 250Mb, 100Mb, or reaches 0Mb.

To add more data to your Keepgo Line, create an account at, add your Line (use the last 8 digits of the number printed on the SIM/back side of the hotspot as the Line ID), press the Refill button on your Line’s managing panel and then choose the desired amount of data you’d like to add to your balance.

Refill-MY account.png

For your convenience, you may change the currency in your account to EUR:

Euro-My Account.png

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