While scanning eSIM QR code, I receive the error "This code is no longer valid"

You may receive this error message if QR-code might be partially scanned due to poor WI-FI connection or VPN is turned ON. Please turn off VPN and scan the code again or add manually using the activation code.

In order to confirm whether the eSIM has been installed or not, please proceed as below:

On Android: Settings > System > About phone > Tap SIM status > View the ICCID (SIM Card ID)
On iPhone: Settings > General > About. You might need to scroll down to find the ICCID.
If the eSIM is installed and turned on you should be able to view the new ICCID.
Here are some screenshots for reference:

****Please note that eSIM QR code is unique and can be installed only once.
If you receive an error message when scanning the QR code for the first time, please contact us at support@keepgo.com

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