How to set your Keepgo eSIM/SIM as your cellular/mobile data plan on your IOS device after scanning your QR code.


Go to your Mobile/Cellular data setting.
Go to SIMs, find out how you labeled your Keepgo eSIM/SIM.
For example in our case it is labeled as "Keepgo esim" as shown in the image below.


Make sure the Keepgo eSIM/SIM is turned ON as shown in our reference in the image below, with other eSIM or SIM card not in use turned OFF.


Select the arrowed area as highlighted in the image below


A dropdown menu will appear showing the labeled eSIM/SIM plans on your device.
Select the Keepgo eSIM/SIM you wish to use for data.
In my case I will select Keepgo esim as highlighted in the image below
Please note that if your eSIM label is for instance Keepgo/Europe/Travel/Business make sure you select it in this step.


Once the eSIM/SIM Label you selected is marked right you can go back to the previous page. Everything should be set as shown below in our example.
Now you are ready to use your eSIM/SIM card to surf the internet.

To make your eSIM/SIM work turn OFF Wi-Fi then make sure you select your eSIM/SIM card then turn ON the line, turn ON Data roaming and Mobile data.

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May 31, 2024

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